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42 Dugg Arrested by Feds after 6 Month Manhunt

42 Dugg who as of recent was spotted on Instagram Live calling out the artist Tekashi 69 to fight.Then seen at an N.B.A playoff game has been arrested. The artist was taken into custody also the police stated that he evaded arrest for six months and they had to lead a manhunt to capture him .The police state that 42 utilized several tactics to evade them including what he did in a last ditch effort to avoid arrest which was officially change his legal status from US Citizen to Sovereign .

42 was originally sentenced to six months at a prison camp for gun violence.But never showed up and started to evade them.There has also been mention of how he made statements to the government as to his net worth being 30 Million Dollars

Dion Marquise Hayes, known as 42 Dugg, is one of the most promising American rappers of the current generation. This rapper started to become famous after collaborating with other famous artists. His singing boos have also captured the hearts of millions of people.

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