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Breaking News :Deaths Rising on Sherman Avenue As N.Y.P.D. 34th Precinct Ignores The " Hot Spot ".

Although warned and met with several times Top brass at the 34th Precinct have repeatedly ignored the neighborhoods cries for a police car to be placed on Sherman Avenue.Years have shown that from gang activity to illegal fireworks to unreported shootings and assaults and murders.Sherman Avenue in Inwood is truly one of the most active and dangerous places to be in the city.

204 Street Sherman Avenue East to West Angle

Illegal Fire works in 2019 Where man was arrested for setting off and detinating small charge.Illegal Fireworks as of July 4, 2022 still persist.

The Police have allowed the dealers and criminals to take over the avenue by not patrolling and covering the avenue . One can go for hours without seeing a police vehicle or officer.When a car is seen it is more than likely chirping its siren in order o get through triple lanes of traffic which build up from dealers selling drugs in the street and holding up traffic to take orders from drivers who are passing by searching for drugs .The side walks of Sherman Avenue are littered with trash daily from the full nights activities of people who litter and cause the area to remain in filth.Tree gates and gutters remain filled with canisters garbage,food wrappers,plastic and bottles as sanitation has stopped issuing fines to landlords and store owners. In what looks like a true combined effort by all of the city's civil servers to give up on west 204st and let the chips fall where they may.

INWOOD,204 Street Sherman Avenue Manhattan Thursday, July 22, 2021 (What Goes?) -- A man was shot during an apparent attempted robbery in Upper Manhattan Thursday morning.

The victim was shot inside a car on Sherman Avenue in Inwood just before 6:45 a.m.

He was taken to the Harlem Hospital in critical condition.

Two suspects fled the scene.

West 204 Sherman Avenue July 11 2022.Man shot three times and killed

Sherman Avenue is located in Inwood .An area in Washington heights where the dealers have taken over entire buildings , streets ,sidewalks and stores .A place where you should not live or attempt to raise children.This place in Washington Heights is overshadowed by a fake hype which concentrates on things such as food and music which mask and cover the true nature of its being. While there are a few restaurants and areas for night life and entertainment.Dyckman and its connected streets and avenues are now more dangerous and criminally populated than any other part of the tri state area. Advertisement of Spanish foods and traditions attract any to the location.But those who live there and seek calm and clean respectful living have began leaving the area in droves as the nights are extremely unsafe and one has no idea if he or she will make it home safe .Many who have no choice are confined to their homes after dark due to the rise in crime and unreported murders on avenues that have been taken over by dealers such as Sherman Avenue .Post Avenue and Vermeliya.These are three major crime covered streets which have the most criminal activity.

Story By :Erick Boogottinyc Crawford

Video Courtesy :ABC News 7

INWOOD, Manhattan 207 Sherman Avenue (What Goes?) -- Two pedestrians are dead and several other people were injured in a two-car crash in Inwood that sent one vehicle onto the sidewalk.

The sedans collided head-on West 207th Street near Sherman Avenue at around 4 a.m. Tuesday.The force of the crash sent a Subaru onto the sidewalk.

Two men, ages 40 and 31, who happened to be on the street at the time were struck and killed.The occupants of the two vehicles -- three in one and two in the other - are all now in stable condition.

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