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** Download Now ** New York Gun License Application and Instructions on How to fill out

Medusausa Llc who we all know as the creator of our What Goes ? Blog ,has once again come forth with fantastic information and updated laws on News York City's now Legal and Law abiding citizens to carry handguns to defend themselves more friendly ,

In a vote that came back 6 to 3 US Supreme Court overturned New York's practice of demanding additional requirements from law abiding citizens as Unconstitutional.Therefore many citizens can now not only safeguard their homes and valuables .But also have the means to protect themselves when they are out and about.

Download The New York Handgun License Application and Instructions here.


For Citizens who would like to apply for an application you can follow the link and download the manual as well as instructions.

Areas which have not been updated should be filled in as well.Please understand that even though these areas may still exist in the permit process they will hold no validation when determining your decision.

We at What Goes offer this information for $0.99 cents as a jesture of good measure and support for the brand and blog itself

Thank You

What Goes ?

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