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Breaking News Exclusive :NYC Dyckman Sherman Avenue Male Murdered "As What Goes ? Predicted "

Story By :Erick Boogottinyc Crawford

Images and Video :What Goes

The month was April ,The weather was breaking .The streets of Dyckman were full of people who had been locked up and contained in their apartments for two years .This of course was due to a pandemic named Covid- 19.Due to this long separation of contact and communication with other people .There were many who just could not adapt to what the new norm was.As a result of this there was a low hum in which only humans and residents of the neighborhood could hear .No one expected this hum to turn into a buzz ,which then transformed itself from a buzz to a swarm of drama .This swarm of drama one of which was manifested in the ignorant minds of a select few is now brought into reality.

Seaman Avenue Outdoor Eatery : Areas like these are prime locations for fights , robberies and shootings.

No we are not forecasters nor are we Nostradamus but what we are is observant, knowledgeable and intelligent individuals.We also suggested to POLICE that a car be set on this avenue .When told they had no manpower to cover we suggested an empty unit be set as a point of symbolism and respect for as even an empty squad car can do much for deterring crime and symbolism than nothing at all.

These requests went without follow up or concern and were immediately ignored.Fast forward to July 11 2022 at 8pm where a man who was part of the mix was outside on the corner of 204 St and Sherman Avenue was shot three times and murdered on the exact same corner which we requested the unit be placed.The police came on site.They removed the mans body .Then proceeded to steer traffic away fro the scene.This took all of 1 hour and a half.After that they left the scene. The street remained quiet for about 1/2 hour then music and the celebrating of nothing continued.

This is what Dyckman is when the veil is lifted.The hardness of a people who are set in their ways and refuse to change.Some who are good clean and and honest.But who are sadly outnumbered by those who choose to live in much more negative ways.

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