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Breaking News: NYC Supreme Court Strikes Down New York's Concealed Carry Law as Unconstitutional "

Story By :Erick Boogottinyc Crawford

Video Courtesy :What Goes ?

The US Supreme Court has struck down a controversial gun carry law in New York City.New York City has been one of the toughest cities to carry a weapon for permitted individuals.Today Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas has written in his decision that it was unconstitutional for New York to create such difficulties for law abiding citizens.

Senator Gillibrand has commented on the ruling by stating that the overturning of the law is not just irresponsible it's down right dangerous.Others such as Justice Thomas and the five other justices who signed on are taking a more constitutional and traditional approach by going to the constitution for their decision.

Justice Alito in response to the mass shootings and recent carnage that law abiding citizens have been faced with.Should be able to protect themselves

Legally you cannot require a law abiding citizen to have approvals from the police or any outside authority in order for you to receive a carry permit.

Video Courtesy :Channel 2 News NYC

Lawmakers say this law was on New Yorks Books since 2008

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