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Updated: Apr 28, 2022




A tenant chose to try and use her New York City Sherman Avenue Inwood apartment to start her business This is why she said it was a terrible idea. I am a single person and have lots of space in my apartment. I have to admit everything went well when I moved in. I mean the space .The price for rent all were great until the weather broke and the drug dealers took over the street I live on.I have never seen such outside in the open hand to hand sales even in a Walmart than I observed from my Sherman Avenue apartment window.I asked one of my neighbors and he stated that the dealers had taken over more of the block since the police have stopped patrolling. Now they not only yell and scream and have random cars pulling up blaring and music blasting and congregating in large groups that one can no longer do podcasts and or Youtube videos without worry of being struck due to music copyright blocking. The drug dealers used to leave the front of the building for a few hours .Thereby giving tenants a bit of time to move freely without as much caution. But now since covid and the lack of Police patrol and interaction in Dyckman and especially the Sherman Avenue 8 bock stretch that they stay all night. These individuals are bold and ignorant in their commitment to sell drugs and cause havoc .Nowadays the police have knowledge of what is going on as well as the specific drugs and even who the dealers are but for some reason have refused to do anything about it.


Tenants and the elderly as well as children now have to live in fear of retaliation if they directly complain as gangs are prevalent and in the immediate area. Therefore if one of the members gains knowledge of you advising police or even complaining .You have the possibility of being beat up stabbed killed or worse. Take the case of young Lesandro “Junior” Guzman-Feliz

Slaughtered innocent Bronx teen Lesandro “Junior” Guzman-Feliz who suffered numerous cuts, scrapes and bruises when he was attacked inside of a Bronx bodega then dragged outside where gangbangers who allegedly mistook him for a rival beat and stabbed him more ..Many hispanic men like to fight unfair and in large groups something also common in gangs. These gang members get gas-lit from each other’s ignorant decisions and commit more and more heinous acts.

Certain areas which have been forgotten uptown which we have great knowledge of will be utilized as an example. Dyckman and The Sherman Avenue area is so known for these types of crimes that many go there just to party. Frequent restaurants for the evening or go to a side club and dance and drink. Once these people leave these clubs many are known to drive drunk and or walk the streets to their nearby apartment buildings .But many find themselves involved in fighting ,arguments physical battery such as getting beat up by several men at one time. Members of our group have seen this several times and this of course goes unreported. Other instances such as old days western gun stand offs which happened in the winter of 2021 on Sherman Avenue and west 20th street between Post avenues and Sherman Avenue. The latest shooting was on 204 and Sherman between Vermehlia Avenue and Sherman. This happened as a woman was leaving the supermarket and got shot in the crossfire.

Winter 2021 man was stabbed and killed outside of 165 Sherman Avenue New York NY 10034 where there are said to be the gang which goes by the same name of which Murdered Junior. This of course has the entire strip from West 204 Street and Sherman Avenue living in fear and similar to living in a communist community but in New York City. A place where there are lookouts for the police .When a car pulls up and blares music so loud that if you’re in your apartment you have to turn the television up to its loudest in order to hear anything. When the drug dealers have gotten so comfortable to no police presence that they literally place a back yard full basketball hoop outside of your building with chairs

and tables. That is called control. The supers are scared to move the items as they know when the dealers return they will have to face them alone. This is just the tip of the iceberg of what goes on at 165 Sherman Avenue New York Ny 10034 and I have to say. They have won. The drug dealers and the gangs now have carved out the area for themselves and their coverage and grip are be more effective than that of the police. Triple parked cars can be seen on any day. Long lines of cars are common on Sherman Avenue as the people know that there are no police. These cars park triple parked in the driving lanes. Drivers exit the vehicles and get out to go onto the sidewalk with no care of cars behind them beeping their horns and having to wait for breaks in the oncoming traffic lanes past the yellow lines. These drivers then congregate and or show off their music and cars to one another while creating more traffic. If a driver says anything they are met with yelling cursing and or worse. The drag racing is on a daily basis and even though speed cameras have been added they are not being utilized as there is proof of burnouts and doughnuts throughout the block between 204 street and Sherman. Noise... yelling.... screaming... the basketball games now going on... the music speaker competitions and then finally seeing patrol cars beep their sirens and thinking as a tenant "They are finally going to do something " .No they blared their horns to get through the traffic and proceed on....

5 am Murder on Dyckman Avenue two blocks from Sherman Avenue Lastly the area of 165 Sherman avenue is so bad that you can google earth the building and see the dealers hanging out in front of the building. Meanwhile not one of them live there......So they really go somewhere else... take a dump...and then go home.... This is why many are giving up starting a business in New York or even living here. Retail business spaces and office space is expensive and to rent a space would be out of many peoples budgets .Sadly working from Sherman Avenue has become stressful and hard to concentrate or even take calls and be productive due to the ridiculous noise of music at 7am until forever. This is a way that criminals start to take over areas .They move in and become a virus type of effect on the community .They wage fear in communities and intimidate every day hard working people who are trying to make an honest living.



Man Shot In Head Murdered while sitting in his BMW

Here are years worth of shootings and Murders .

Question if they are familiar and know the area why is there only one car assigned to such a known drug area.Why are the police always reactive and never proactive.

23 Year old man shot and robbed in Inwood one block from Sherman Avenue

Two Shot one dead One block from Sherman Avenue

Bodega Owner Murdered for asking men to please move from loitering in front of his store

Mugger shoots and kills victim in Inwood blocks from Sherman Avenue and 204 street

Beware of New York City especially areas which have been given over to drug dealers such as 165 Sherman avenue New York NY 10034. Google earth the address and see for yourself.

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