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Story &Art By : Boogottinyc

In a very conservative manner New York City mayor Eric Adams says drill rap music is to blame for a spike In violent crime in our city. He then went on to have a meeting with several rappers in Gracie mansion .The meeting was rather awkward as many did not understand exactly what the purpose was of their meeting.

Murder and Assaults have been spiking throughout the city and it is not even summertime .The mayor has also since this met with all top brass and senior precinct officials and asked that they bring in their ideas of how to address the raging crime that the city has been dealing with.

Since meeting with the rappers on February 12th 2022.There has been no mention of the agreement or solutions .As of May 2, 2022 crime has spiked an additional 20% and oddly with these latest Murders there seems to be no links or association to drill rap or rap of any sort for that manner.This is why the question is raised again as to what the mayor is referencing when focusing primarily on a genre of music as a reasoning for the spike in New York City shootings and overall chaos.

When asked what the agreement was there was no exact solutions or ideas mentioned.

When asked what the plan was the mayor stated .

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