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Looking to match a bag with a pair of kicks.Maybe you want to know what goes s with this or that.We will be featuring several up and coming and or trending items to see what actually goes with what.From color to fabrics to stitch lines and much much more.There are many ways to wear the same item someone else is wearing .But feature it in a different way.Here are a few styles and accessories that are common on the market.But with many differnt approaches.

Russell Simmons Tuxedo and Adidas Shell Toes

Does this go? Yes it does.

Why?The tuxedo is black the shirt white the adidas are white and black striped

Additionally : Russell Simmons is an icon therefore he can start and set a trend and has successfully done so.

Images courtesy Credit : Adidas The Jasmine Brand and BABY2BABY GUCCI

Da BABY :LA Fitted Lavender Top Royal Blue Pant White Nike Air Force One.

Fivio Foreign :Fuschia Top Black Fuschia Accented Denim Pants

How would you wear it ?

Does this give you any ideas?

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