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Young Thug YSL Complains Of Torturous Jail Conditions.Cobb County Sheriffs Fire Back

Young Thug, Gunna, and other YSL members were arrested and indicted just over a week ago after being hit with RICO charges and more. Now Thug’s attorneys are claiming the he’s being held in “torturous” jail conditions while awaiting trial.

These claims hail from Young Thug stating that he is being treated inhumane.The Cobb County Sheriff’s Department responded to these accusations after letting a reporter from WSBTV in side to see the rapper’s holding cell. Thugger was denied bail, and his attorneys are arguing he’s being held in “dungeon-like” conditions with no windows, has not been allowed to bathe or work out, and has no access to media, radio, or television. One unidentified jail official asserted the conditions Thug is living in are standard.

“This is a jail, it is a detention center,” the official said. “It’s not the Ritz Carlton, so you have to recognize that.”

Another official said the Punk creator is being held in solitary confinement for his own well-being, given his celebrity status. Southern Christian Leadership Conference members were brought in to assess the jail as well.

“The purpose of today is to let the community know that we’re not doing anything that we don’t want them to see,” Col. Temetris Atkins said. “We run an above-board jail and we want anybody and everybody to know that.”

While little has been heard from Thug himself, given his circumstances, Lil Gotit shared a message on Instagram saying he had talked to Thugger and Gunna about the recent death of Gotit’s brother and fellow YSL artist Lil Keed.

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